Delfin Mineral Infused Exercise Capri, Black, X-Small

Delfin Mineral Infused Exercise Capri, Black, X-Small

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Delfin Mineral Infused Exercise Capri, Black, X-Small





Product Description

Delfin Mineral Infused Capris featuring Bio-Energy Technology. We listened to your feedback and have improved your favorite DELFIN COLLECTION! We are excited to introduce the change of the Bio-Energy Line to a Single Fabric Layer from the previous two layer design. Now has a wider waistband for a more comfortable feel and flattering look, without losing that excellent mid-torso coverage! Our Mineral Infused Capris integrate the latest technology in high performance fabric; utilizing 30 Minerals embedded in the Ink Pattern on the inside of the fabric. Minerals, activated by body heat, offer a range of benefits including muscle stimulation, improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue to help enhance exercise. The key is the scientifically patented mineral formula which includes oxidized silicon, magnesium, alumina, and calcium. After being thermally activated, this formula creates vibration at the atomic level, resulting in energy, which it is transmitted to the body. Two key proven benefits include (1) Increased Micro-Circulation - achieved through inhibition of Rouleax formation in the blood (relating to the blood cell clotting and oxygen movement) and (2) Energy Enhancement - achieved through increase oxygen rate and skin cell vitality. Our Mineral Infused Collection includes exercise shorts, capris, high waisted shorts and high waisted capris. Suitable for everyday use and regular workouts, biking, jogging/running/walking, yoga/zumba, etc. Constructed of one layer high quality stretch Nylon/Polyester/Spandex fabric, offering great support, contouring, compression and coverage. Delfin Spa logo on bottom left front leg. We recommend hand wash and drip dry, but occasional machine washing is OK. You will find a better fitting product that maintains its great look, compression and amazing infused minerals to boost your workouts and energize your muscles!


Constructed of one layer high quality stretch Nylon/Polyester/Spandex fabric, offering great support, look, and feel
Medium Rise design provides just enough coverage and excellent compression
Features 30 Minerals embedded in the Ink pattern printed on garment interior
Minerals are activated by body heat - the Ink "disappears", indicating the minerals are working!
Activated minerals can help to increases muscle stimulation and micro-circulation to enhance energy and reduce muscle fatigue
Brand : Delfin Spa
Item model num : DS240-XS
MPN(PartNumber) : DS240-XS

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