Shock Absorber Womens D+ Max Support Sports Bra, Black, 34E

Shock Absorber Womens D+ Max Support Sports Bra, Black, 34E

Shock Absorber Women's D+ Max Support Sports Bra, Black, 34E

US: 38J( UK: 38GG)-White

US: 40D (UK: 40D)-Black

US: 38D (UK: 38D)-White

US: 36J (UK: 36GG)-White

US: 34E (UK: 34DD)-White

Product Description

Classic design with modern rounded silhouette wide, padded and adjustable straps for optimal fit soft, wide underband for comfort soft, non rub hook & eye moisture-wicking, breathable, high performance fabrics. D+ Max Sports Bra offers encapsulation support - designed for a wide range of cup sizes D through G and ideal for high impact sports - with the look and ease of wearing on a "normal" bra. Straps are shaped and cushioned for extra comfort where it's needed. Structural seams and inner support sling shape and support each breast individually. Coolmax offers wick ability and breathability drawing moisture away from the body to keep you feeling fresh.


89% Polyester, 6% Polyamide, 5% Elastane
Hook and Eye Closure
Adjustable straps and hook and eye closure
V-shaped front support sling/straps and bra cup made of 2 different performance fabrics
Machine Washable
Soft, padded straps
Brand : Shock Absorber
Item model num : SN109
MPN(PartNumber) : N109
EAN : 5010158652476
発送国国内平均配送日数7~10 営業日

限定★ キャスキッドソン+ ティンカーベル★ Wジップ ペンケース アクリルパーツデザインイヤリング 重い Shock Absorber Womens D+ Max Support Sports Bra, Black, 34E

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