2XU Womens Elite MCS Thermal Compression Cold Weather Athletic Tights (Black/Gold, XL)

2XU Womens Elite MCS Thermal Compression Cold Weather Athletic Tights (Black/Gold, XL)

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2XU Women's Elite MCS Thermal Compression Cold Weather Athletic Tights (Black/Gold, XL)


SM X 24-Black/Nero

Product Description

2XU is driven to advance human performance through high-quality, high-performance workout gear. Designed and tested in consultation with leading industry experts and sporting institutes, and made of cutting edge performance fabrics, 2XU provides you with the equipment required to take the human form to the next level. Step your game up with these Women's Elite MCS Thermal Compression Tights. The Elite MCS line is the next generation in 2XU's Performance Compression technology. MCS, or Muscle Containment Stamping, is a new and revolutionary fabric support system that traces over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups for focused compression on these areas. This focused compression reduces muscle oscillation and helps prevent damage, letting you workout harder and come out stronger. Graduated compression isn't just beneficial during a workout, either; wearing compression garments before and after you train helps increase blood flow for improved recovery and reduces muscle stiffness. In addition to being good for you, these compression tights are also incredibly comfortable. The PWX Thermal construction helps keep you nice and warm during those chilly winter days, and a drawstring waistband allows for an adjustable, secure fit. From pros to beginners, triathletes to weekend warriors, let 2XU help you be the best you can be. Available in sizes X-Small to X-Large.


INCREDIBLE FIT - When you train, you train hard, and the last thing you need is the constant discomfort from compression leggings that don't fit. 2XU has taken this to heart, and designed their compression wear to fit like a glove. The Invista Lycra throughout the fabric allows for exceptional fit, and the drawstring waistband lets you adjust these tights to your heart's content.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Engineered for optimal performance, 2XU uses their own proprietary, cutting edge fabrics to deliver unmatched quality. Named PWX Flex Thermal, this premium fabric features high filament yarns with invista lycra, wicking away sweat while keeping you warm and comfortable in colder climates. Anti-bacterial properties help keep these leggings fresh even after a brutal workout, and flatlock seams help prevent chafing and discomfort.
BENEFITS - Graduated compression helps increase blood flow for improved performance and recovery, as well as reduced swelling & muscle stiffness. The Elite MCS line of compression features Muscle Containment Stamping, a fabric support system that is anatomically mapped over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups. This aids in reducing muscle oscillation, reducing damage and chance of injury. The MCS in these leggings target the quads in the front & calf in the back for ultimate muscle protection.
HUMAN PERFORMANCE MULTIPLIED - There's a reason top athletes around the world are singing 2XU's praises- when it comes to compression gear, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better. Each piece is designed to let you push your own limits, to be the best you can be; whether that means running a marathon, training for a triathlon, or even killer weekend workouts at the gym. All weather, all sports, all performance, from beginners to professionals, 2XU's compression garments are where it's at.
SIZING & CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Available in sizes X-Small to X-Large, see size chart for details. 2XU compression garments are incredibly well made, but a few extra steps when you wash them will allow them to last even longer. Rinse in cold, clean water after use, and hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.
Brand : 2XU
EAN : 9336340368106

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