Columbia Womens Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt- Plus, White Cap, 3X

Columbia Womens Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt- Plus, White Cap, 3X

Columbia Women's Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt- Plus, White Cap, 3X

3X-White Cap



Product Description

Designed specifically for anglers, Columbia's lightweight Tamiami II women's long-sleeve fishing shirt is ideal for longer trips. The Tamiami II is made of quick-drying polyester, which stretches confidently as you move. This gives you an enhanced range of motion that's key when casting. The shirt also employs Columbia's Omni-Dry technology, a treatment that wicks away moisture as you sweat. This keeps the shirt fresh and odor-free over multiple wearings. Other features include feminine seaming, notched sleeves for enhanced mobility, and hidden zippered security pockets along the front seams to keep small gear within easy reach. For added versatility, you can roll up the sleeves and secure them with button tabs.


100% Polyester
Omni-Dry advanced evaporation
Omni-Shade sun protection, UPF 40
Machine Wash Cold Gentle, Do Not Bleach, Tumble Dry Low, Remove Promptly, Iron Low, Do Not Use Fabric Softener, If Present Do Not Iron Decal, Do Not Dryclean
Brand : Columbia
Item model num : FW7278
MPN(PartNumber) : FW7278-450-3X
EAN : 0885491421561
  • 商品の状態: 新品
  • 発送国: 日本
  • 平均配送日数: 7~10 営業日

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